What is Executive Coaching?

Build Success with Executive Coaching  

Are you a leader who feels overwhelmed? Let us help you engage with your team better through Executive Coaching:
• Strengthen your leadership skills;
• Develop strategies for conflict resolution;
• Build great communication skills;
• Learn to foster professional relationships;
• Work better with others;
• Prevent negativity from impacting morale

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Executive Coaching is one-to-one online personal leadership development with a professional coach. This may be ongoing or for a set time frame, as appropriate to your needs.

At Business Works these are customised to each individual to fit the needs of the leader and the business they work in. These conversations create self-awareness, drive transformational change and provide critical challenge and support.

We build collaborative relationships between coach and leader to ensure the best outcomes. All sessions are confidential.

Our platinum rule at Business Works is: ‘treat others how you would like to be treated’.

Executive Coaching is for the higher management of a company e.g. managers, CEOs and leaders.

Is it to support them in being effective, balanced, healthy and successful leaders and to support them to achieve their full potential through coaching and guidance.

This will have a positive impact on both their team(s) and the outcomes in the business.

What are some of the benefits of Executive Coaching? 

  • Combat executive isolation 

  • Increase self-confidence 

  • Improve leadership skills 

  • Uncover blind spots 

  • Change behaviours that directly impact the business 

  • Help the leader to grow, feel fulfilled and engaged in work 

  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments within the business 

  • Help identify personal values and goals and align those with their leadership style and work within the business 


Infinity loop icon design depicting LACE principles by Business Works

Using L.A.C.E. 

In the Executive Coaching sessions, a range of programmes will be used including L.A.C.E.  Marina Bleahen, CEO & Founder of Business Works created L.A.C.E. to help businesses achieve success through transforming organisational cultures through L.A.C.E.   


L.A.C.E. : 

  • Lead  

  • Alignment & Accountability 

  • Communication, Clarity and Culture 

  • Engage & Execute with Excellence