At Business Works, we offer a wide range of training programs.  If you would like to discuss your training options, or would like more information, please contact us or email:

Executive Coaching:

One-to-one (ongoing or set time frame) online personal development for higher management and team leaders with a professional coach.

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Team and Leadership Training 

  • TEAM Communications

  • TEAM Alignment Workshop

  • MBTI Team development training

  • Leadership Development Programme

  • Management Development Programme

  • Leader of Leaders programme

  • Team Engagement Programme

  • Building TRUST in your Team to boost performance.

  • Accountability training using MBTI

  • MBTI to solve the 5 Dysfunctions in your Team – BUILDING TRUST to improve team communication and performance.

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Business Growth Sales & Marketing Training:

Sales Training – learn to improve your conversion rate through better communicate with your prospect

Marketing your Business workshop designed to improve your prospecting, targeting, conversion

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Managing Remote and Hybrid team Training:

Communications Training

Emotional Intelligence and why it matters in your business

MBTI – understand the team dynamic in your business, personality types and work better together

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Psychometrics Assessments

At Business Works, we help you and your team understand the science of communication and self-awareness.  Become aware of how you present as a leader or manager and learn to adapt your behaviour to win in business and achieve the results you want for both yourself and your team.


MBTI – understand the team dynamic in your business, personality types and work better together

DISC is an Assessment tool to help individuals understand themselves, however at Business Works we believe the real power happens when you engage with DISC as a team.  

360 degree feedback

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Marina Bleahen, CEO & founder of Business Works, created and developed L.A.C.E. to help businesses achieve success through transforming organisational cultures.

  • Lead

  • Alignment & Accountability

  • Communication, Clarity and Culture

  • Engage & Execute with Excellence

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Business Works is available for meetings, consultations and presentations

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