Focus100 – Building Resilient Minds in Lockdown

Our online course provides information on discovering personal meaning of resilience and to develop resilient beliefs and strategies.

Marina Bleahen, Founder and CEO of BusinessWorks, is an accomplished professional business coach and trainer with a passion for helping business leaders and their teams succeed. She has a specialist experience in leadership, management, emotional intelligence, communications training and coaching clients. A proven track record and in demand as a keynote public speaker. Global brand director, with two decades coaching, leadership and training experience delivering best in class and online programmes to both Skillnet and private sector clients using global intellectual methodologies and models. Marina, a former global brand director in Pharma, has spent the last two decades helping organisations transform their success from “good” to “GREAT” using the philosophy from the Good to Great – a book by author Jim Collins.

Bleahen and the BusinessWorks has partnered up with DOOR International Training & Consulting, and Partners in Leadership that work with half of the Fortune Top 50 companies, helping them deliver success through optimising culture.

The Business Works Consulting team specialises in the delivery of corporate training and Leadership, Accountability, Culture, Engagement, and Employee Excellence to achieve key results for organisations.

Learning Objectives

  • discover personal meaning of resilience
  • explore traits of highly resilient beliefs and strategies

Learning Tools

  • facilitator driven discussions
  • reflection tools
  • shared stories and anecdotes
  • quiz
  • individual exercise
  • group exercise

Your Takeaways

  • develop resilient beliefs
  • adapt resilient traits and anchors
  • assess one’s own tenacity
  • build grit and grace

Learning Modules

  • meaning of resilience
  • traits of resilient minds
  • balancing fundamental needs
  • understanding reactivity
  • resilience gauge and assessment
  • identify personal traps
  • developing tenacity
  • tools to build resilience

Download the Course PDF here