Business Mentoring

I had the pleasure of working with Marina Bleahan for a year as my business coach.  Not only does she have the skills and knowledge to help us really make an impact on the business, she also took the time to get to know what makes me tick as a person too.  The combination was powerful and the results spoke for themselves.  Marina brought a vast array of experience, systems, processes and fantastic training to the team here at Fishers.

Culture & Accountability Training

All of our managers have been through the training and we are now beginning a rollout of the training to front-line supervisors. In addition, all of our employees have been exposed to the (Accountability Builder Training) terminology and their managers are helping them to link their activities to the company’s key results

Culture & Accountability Training

Now, unlike before the Accountability Building training, the Executive Team speaks continually about the Key Results. And where there was once blame and finger pointing, now there is a strong sense of joint accountability as employees believe that they play an important role in achieving the Key Results