Marina Bleahen is the founder and CEO of the BusinessWorks team. Marina is dedicated to working with business leaders across a range of industries to deliver success through getting their team fully aligned to the key results within their business as well as creating a culture of positive accountability to execute on strategy.

Interview Transcript

Q: “So Marina I know a common question that’s come in to the BusinessWorks team over the last couple of months is, how can I manage my culture remotely, so I’d love for the viewers today if you could delve into that question and uncover it and then a bit more for the people watching?”

A: “Yes of course, it’s a big question and it’s a big challenge for business leaders and owners today. It’s important to recognize, first and foremost, that your culture drives the results of the execution of the results in your business.

So, whatever the results that you wanted to have your newly identified results, you’ve got a new culture going on.

So it’s by talking to your people, and really understanding how they are thinking, how they are acting to deliver the results. We take them through a model about creating those new experiences and beliefs to deliver on those results, and most importantly we move them from the wait and see I’m confused and what to do in a model that absolutely shows them how to get from a where they are today saying, “God, I never thought this would last three months”.

We’re not sure we’re going to be stopped for another while, but when we do we take them into a virtual boardroom. We identify the key results, and we give them a model of how to build that success so absolutely everybody knows what they’re doing, and they’re united to deliver on these key results, rather than just being busy, just busy doing the job.

I’ve never worked as hard in my life being afraid to take holidays. This is our new reality. We work remotely. We work from home. The business leaders need to organize people to and deliver on the key results to manage that to communicate well and give the direction also give the direction to look after the people and get them to take their holidays and behave like a workforce now you know we’re not, This is here to stay.”