Engage & Execute with Excellence – with L.A.C.E.

Successful culture transformation is ‘alignment and accountability created with enhanced communication and collaboration’.

If a team is not equipped with key skills and knowledge to deliver its objectives, no amount of team development will be able to ensure it reaches high performance.

L.A.C.E. will help your team understand the plan of the business and their role within it. It will help you increase personnel retention, sales and profits through building organisational excellence.


Engaged employees should be the hallmark of every organisation. Employee engagement centres around the principle that the people who work for you want to come to work and do more than just the bare minimum.

So how does a company step up their workforce engagement to produce employees that are happy to come to work?

To survive and thrive in today’s business world, the importance of attracting and retaining the right talent is increasing.

Employee engagement, the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace, has emerged as a critical driver of sustainable success.

High levels of engagement promote retention of talent, foster customer loyalty and improve organisational performance.

Business Works provides bespoke performance and culture solutions through employee engagement programs that bring the heart and mind of business together. We believe companies and leaders need to go beyond traditional training methods to truly engage with their employees and our systems at Business Works have great impact!

Engagement is:

• The team working to their full potential;
• The driving force behind wilful effort;
• The desire to go the extra mile to achieve company goals.

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The value of bringing L.A.C.E. into your business:

• Increase your profits – higher profitability & productivity;
• Grow your business;
• Improve employee retention – less absenteeism;
• Improve overall performance.

Our work within your team will uncover the invisible aspects of team dynamics, and use these to identify and support lasting change.

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