Communication, Clarity & Culture – with L.A.C.E.

Successful culture transformation is ‘alignment and accountability created with enhanced communication and collaboration’.

If a team is not equipped with key skills and knowledge to deliver its objectives, no amount of team development will be able to ensure it reaches high performance.

L.A.C.E. will help your team understand the plan of the business and their role within it. It will help you increase personnel retention, sales and profits through building organisational excellence.


How do you change the culture and improve communication in your organisation, so that you are all working together for the same goal? Our logo is a heart and head combined as at Business Works we drive organisational excellence because ‘being in business gives you more life’.


Training Includes:

• Key Outcomes;
• Clearly define and create alignment around the key results the organisation must achieve;
• Identify the way people think and act currently and what needs to shift in order to achieve the results;
• Capture and articulate those shifts into beliefs that guided the change process;
• Create alignment around those shifts and instil accountability for them at every level of the organisation;
• Introduce simple models and tools to operationalise the change;
• Create the proper balance between the complementary efforts to train, retain, and sustain key culture management skills needed to accelerate and successfully implement the change effort.


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The value of bringing L.A.C.E. into your business:

• Increase your profits – higher profitability & productivity;
• Grow your business;
• Improve employee retention – less absenteeism;
• Improve overall performance.

Our work within your team will uncover the invisible aspects of team dynamics and use these to identify and support lasting change.

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