Michael Hickey is an expert in launching optimising Pharmaceutical brands through his vast experience in leadership, strategy, management, and execution.

He recently spoke with Ruairi Keran in an interview where they looked at different elements that were affecting the Pharmaceutical industry and what large organisations can do to combat these challenges.

See video and transcript below.


Interview Transcript

Q: “What are the common pains you are seeing within the pharmaceutical industry at the minute and how can people start to think about solving them?”

A: “Yeah, I think one of the phenomenons in the organizations at the moment is that people have been moved from their comfort zone, into an area of uncertainty and an area of real tension, and in some way, we’re on the edge of chaos and how can we use that capsule of tension in the most productive way.

And in the most creative way, and it’s in some way the manager instilling confidence into the folks that together we will think, and work our way out of this.

As Marina mentioned earlier, it’s about making sure that they are aware of their below the line thinking and activity, but they can move back up above the line to actually get into a much more productive and creative mode.

And to me, it’s really the manager and the leader, holding people and a mirror in front of them, so that they can see their behavior, and the outcome that they create. And also, see their positive behavior, and the potential there.”